E-FAN 2.0 (Static display, AG Pavilion):

  • Fully-electric, battery-powered, two-seater industrialized version of the technology demonstrator.
  • Aimed at flight schools for initial pilot training aircraft, EIS is expected to be 2018.
  • Germany’s GreenTec Awards gave E-Fan their top accolade in the aviation category in May 2016.
Credit - Airbus

Credit – Airbus

AIRSTART (Static display, AG Pavilion):

  • Accelerated Integration of Reliable Small uav systems Through Applied Research & Testing
  • Revolutionary UK-based project focusing on developing technologies for unmanned aerial systems (UAS).
  • Show casing a ‘Laser-beam-steering platform’ which provides secure and robust communications using lasers to provide high-speed data and situational awareness, as well as pinpointing location in-flight.

ACROSS (Static display, AG Pavilion):

  • Advanced Cockpit for Reduction Of Stress and Workload
  • A virtual reality (VR) flight simulator developed to visualize a functional cockpit without the need for a physical build-up.
  • Acts as a tool to support the development of new cockpit concepts in an early stage of the design process and consists of IR-tracking cameras, a head-mounted display and a few flight controls such as side-stick, rudder pedals and thrust lever. All other controls are virtual.

SCADA (Static display, AG Pavilion):

  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition.
  • Research demonstrator for testing developed security architectures and showcasing the latest innovations around cyber-attack detection for SCADA Security Operations Centers (SOC).
  • Highlighting the importance of cyber security not only for aerospace but the overall industry sector in general – protecting Airbus’ own IP, infrastructure and products but also developing technology solutions which they can offer to the external market.

Algae for sustainable aviation fuel (Static display, AG Pavilion):

  • The ‘AlgenFlugKraft’ algae-powered flight project aims to produce biokerosene using algae.
  • Biokerosene could reduce current CO2 emissions for the industry by between 30 and 40%.

A350XWB and A380 (Static and flying display, AG Pavilion):

  • Showing off latest cabin comfort and design standards using virtual reality “Airspace by Airbus” cabin mock-up (Airbus Group Pavilion)

Airbus Helicopters
H145 (static display, AG Pavilion):

  • Airbus Helicopters’ most advanced rotary wing offering includes latest engines and Helionix advanced avionics suite

UK rotary wing research activities

  • Blade dynamics exhibition (ATI stand, Hall 3)

Airbus Defence & Space

  • A400M (Static and flying display, AG Pavilion)
  • Eurofighter Typhoon, Skynet 5 milcomms satellite, C295W (Static display, AG Pavilion)
  • ExoMars Rover (Static display, Space Zone)
  • Virtual reality cockpit scenarios (AG Pavilion):
  • Flight and landing of A30XWB
  • Flying the A400M military transporter
  • Flying the Zephyr High Altitude Pseudo Satellite at 70,000 feet
  • Walking on the surface of Mars alongside the ExoMars Rover