We are extremely excited to announce that Major Tim Peake will be making his first public appearance in the UK since completing his 136 day mission on the International Space Station (ISS) at the Farnborough International Airshow, both in the Space Zone and Airshow Live stage on Friday 15th July and Saturday 16th July.

Tim Peake ESA

Credit: ESA

Tim Peake, our first British ESA astronaut to visit space, captivated all of us during his time on the ISS and he will once again be offering inspiration to the next generation at our Futures Day on Friday, July 15th. Tim will also be making public appearances that day as part of FAB Friday, which is when we open the doors to aviation enthusiasts.

On Saturday, the public will also be able to see him as he returns to Farnborough to take part in our stage show Airshow Live, where as well as being interviewed he will be launching the flying display as well as being interviewed.